Welcome to Feedist.net


Feedist.net is a safe space for all feeders, feedees, stuffers and gainers. We are welcoming to all big beautiful people and fat admirers who are respectful of the feedist lifestyle, as well as anyone else who understands that this is first and foremost a space for the feedism community!


If you are into feeding someone or being fed, are excited by intentionally gaining weight or encouraging it in others (either in fantasy or reality) then this site was designed with you in mind!


Welcome to a new era for the feedism community.


Welcome to a safe space that the feedism community deserves.


Welcome to feedist.net!


We are now entering public beta. This means that anyone can join, but there are bound to still be bugs to have fixed and new features to be added... Don't come in expecting a polished website experience, we're still under active development.


OK! Take me to the Feed!